March 4, 2012

Lightning from the gyroscope

From a fellow Jack White fan whose way with words I admire mightily (and whom I've quoted before)--

jack is so slick and hip. he is totally arrived rock royalty now with the responsibilities of pushing the art to new heights. he has money now so the scuffed black shoes and k-mart white tee and salvation army red golf pants have shifted the mighty bulge into the emperor's new clothes. the moire stripes. he still has the old woody tesla eleck-ah-tris-ah-tee though. it was good to see him free from the constraints of all the recent corporate music he has been marching to since the stripes. i always think of him as a one man band with a great drum partner and the closer he can get to that primal sweep the better. his energy cannot be contained in a bottle. it is lightning and needs to be free. welcome home jack.

I have nothing to add to that, except the performances on Saturday Night Live the night of March 3rd, 2012, that inspired it--

And the exhortation that if you have the opportunity to see this man on tour in support of his upcoming solo album, Blunderbuss, then fucking do it.